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Go2Task Products

Go2Task was developed to serve growing creative services organizations, organizations who need an increased amount of job management control. With over 15 years of maturing features, Go2Task is now one of the top used productivity solutions in the creative sector. Go2Task has developed into three major verticals and offers the following versions:

Go2Task Post-Production/Editorial

Post-Production in the video, commercial, media and film industries has a level of detail management second to no other in the creative services industry. Our Editorial version of 4D Central accomodates this type of production environment with key value added controls and industry standard budgeting, management and reporting. 4D Central Editorial caters to the following types of production houses:


  • Post-Production
  • Commercial editor
  • Sound effect Studio
  • Special effect Studio

Current client>

  • Blue Rock Editing
  • Red Car
  • Final Cut
  • CSVO
  • Colonie
  • The Beast
  • Foundation
  • Etc

Go2Task Art Department

Corporate art departments tend to be some of the busiest and most diverse creative entities in our sector. The pressure for detailed budgeting, scheduling, management and measurement is key to this busy professional workforce. Go2Task has developed a version specific to these needs.


  • Corporate Art Department

Current client>

  • Whirlpool Cooporation
  • Liz Claiborn
  • WNET 13
  • McGraw Hill

Go2Task Finance

With the immence production pressure put on today’s financial district art departments and communications devisions, Go2Task has developed a version of their project management suite that accomodates the need for tight controls, adherance to deadlines and budgetary detail. This is ideal for art departments in the following sectors:


  • Banks
  • Public Companies
  • Fund Developers
  • Investment Managers

Current client>

  • Legg Masson
  • Deutch Bank

Soon available - Firmament (Cloud)

AICE - AICP bidding, The ultimate tools for Producer in Post production, production, sound design FX house and all related industry.

  • Manage your Bid, Email your estimate, keep track of communication with your client. Track cost and time via Purchase Order, Expense, Work order and Time Sheet.
  • Running cost module to track shipping and meals.
  • Project and line items billing.
  • Live Actual and in house cost.