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Go2Task Features

Go2Task includes these and many more features enabling you to handle the many steps in your creative workflow:

Creating Job Records

  • Unlimited job records allowed
  • Build employee lists and manage their details
  • Assign billing rates and costs associated with employees and their time
  • Key employees associated to job roles (producer, director, PM, copywriter, designers, programmers etc.)
  • One click access to key job financial status and detail
  • Tracking of all costing activity from one, main job screen

Manage Customer Records

  • Unlimited records
  • Assign client types (customizable)
  • Control key customer contacts for production
  • Manage taxes at customer level
  • View live financials for clients
  • Quickly view all work in progress
  • Watchdog outstanding quotes
  • Keep history of all projects per client
  • Integrated email and phone contact management

Create an Estimate

  • Create complex customer records
  • Set up custom job types
  • Automated job / estimate creation (cloning)
  • Flexible hourly rating
  • Rates by employee or task
  • Enter time and cost estimates per task
  • Record mark ups per task
  • Hold billing certain tasks
  • Control committed costs
  • Assign WIP, Sales and Purchase accounts
  • Manage billable and non-billable work
  • Control what’s has or hasn’t been billed
  • Print customizable estimate for client

Build a complete Brief & Specs

  • Job request management
  • Specs for web, print & advertising
  • Customizable brief screens
  • Customizable spec screens
  • Customizable output w/ integrated 4D Write
  • Track key job dates
  • Send key specs via email to staff or client
  • Record valuable notes per job

Set up a Job Schedule

  • Create custom activities per job type
  • Automatically created schedules by job type
  • Clone schedules from previous jobs
  • Record principal activities and deliverables
  • Setup activity duration estimates
  • Associate dates to deliverables
  • Assign employees to each activity
  • Manage schedule revisions
  • Manage traffic per job, designer, PM etc.
  • Control work flow
  • Print schedules
  • Deliver schedules, notes via email
  • Book editing suites (Post-Production version)

Record Time Worked on Jobs

  • Enter time towards active tasks on a job
  • Automated and manual timesheet entry
  • Stopwatch timing system for auto time tracking
  • Daily or weekly entry supported
  • Record timesheet detail
  • Time goes directly to job as billable or non-billable
  • Alerts for actual time nearing budget
  • Approval before posting time
  • Update schedule at timesheet entry

Track Expenses

  • Enter expenses towards active tasks on a job
  • Record all details in line item format
  • Expense goes directly to job as billable or non-billable
  • Alerts for actual cost nearing budget
  • Record expense payment and check(s) associated
  • Approval before posting expenses

Produce Insertion Orders

  • Maintain a list of insertions
  • Record artwork details
  • Manage deadlines for materials
  • Control run dates for a full campaign
  • Assign to a work order
  • Track cost to job and vendor

Create Work Orders

  • Create automatically using specs
  • Send order to vendor via email
  • Control delivery date
  • Print custom work orders

Manage your Jobs - Billing to Reporting

  • Keep up-to-date track of budget vs actual
  • Create Bills for customers
  • eMail or send out custom invoices
  • Make job adjustments
  • Manage traffic
  • Produce a full line of productivity reports

Produce Unlimited Reports

  • Job status
  • Calendar
  • Traffic status
  • Monday report
  • Schedule change
  • To do list
  • Job charges
  • Rush job
  • Timesheet
  • Vendor status
  • Insertion summary
  • Fully customized reporting tool
  • Gives full access to all data
  • Easy to format
  • Easy to find data
  • Includes formula editor